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Customer Service Management

Archis believes in customer first value, may it be internal customer or external customer. Our flawless and efficient service delivery model helps retaining end customer. This is done by providing reliable, dependable and consistent service to customers.

  • Customer retention management

    Calling based on customer segmentation for customer retention. Different methods and modes are used for multi lingual calling, communications etc..

  • Welcome calling

    The call is made to the customer, on product education (i.e. explaining the product he has acquired ). Also a pre & post sales experience is tracked from customer perspective.

  • Query, complaint & grievance handling

    Proper segregation between queries, complaints and grievances. A proper & Speeedy resolution is provided and expected escalation is made. Regulatory angle is taken care while resolving queries, complaints and grievances.

  • Tele-call support / Help-desk management

    Staff trained with domain knowledge and with excellent written and verbal communication skills are provided as per client’s requirement and as per project requirement.

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